Add a Calendar to your Website

Add a Calendar to your Website

Let’s discuss the importance of adding a calendar to your website. When you do that, Donors, Grantors and Sponsors can view everything your nonprofit agency is doing as an organization including program service activities.

Scheduling fundraising events, community expos, open houses, board meetings, campus tours, hours of operation, lets everyone know what to plan for and add to their own personal calendars.  You want to make sure that “donors” know when your fundraising events and campaigns are in the year.

Honor your programs and services and put all the activities you have available for clients on your website.  This is good not only for children and families wanting to participate in activities, but also good reminders for agency staff and volunteers.

I always recommend taking space to show past year events and activities, along with current and future events. You can do this by listing at the back of the current calendar. Funders and Donors want to see that your organization is consistent with program services and sustainable for more than one year at a time.

With the right content on your nonprofit website, your agency can WIN more funding. My mission and purpose is to help every nonprofit organization possible have the best website possible that sets them up for success in reaching Donors, Grantors and Sponsors. “5 Easy Steps to WIN $$$ from Donors, Grantors and Sponsors” now available on Amazon.