Communities have PROBLEMS or as I like to reframe “challenges” and that is why they reach out to nonprofit organizations to help solve those challenges as city governments do not have the resources to assist all those in need.

I help nonprofit organizations because they have money PROBLEMS. Not the bad ones, but the ones that if they get more funding, the more people in need they can serve with programs such as transitional housing, weekly food boxes, clothing for low-income children, help teenage parents and at-risk youth and many more programs too numerous to list.

Nonprofit organizations organize and create PROGRAMS to help solve the problems of those in need living in surrounding communities. A program can offer a service, action items, educational workshops, lessons, classes, advocacy and/or meet basic needs of those in need. And that means more funding needed….

Those in need are defined as TARGET POPULATIONS.  Each nonprofit organization cannot serve all those in need, but each agency can pick a “target population” that they have resources and skill sets to successfully meet the needs of the population.  And that means more funding needed….

Of course, each nonprofit organization wants to spend their funding wisely, so they set GOALS not only for the agency, but also for the programs and their clients. Goals have to be really realistic and attainable and each nonprofit must understand the challenges and limitations of their target population (clients).

With the right content on your nonprofit website, your agency can WIN more FUNDING. This is my mission, to have every nonprofit organization have the best website possible that sets them up for success in reaching Donors, Grantors and Sponsors. For more information on Chapter 2-PROGRAMS,  purchase or download my easy to read mini-book which just launched on AMAZON and BOOKBABY.