Newsflash #1 of February 2021

Newsflash #1 of February 2021

From the desk of Cheryl Lynn Peterson

News Flash #1 of February 2021

Since 2014, My purpose has always been to help nonprofit organizations succeed, so that they can serve MORE to those in need in their communities.

2021 is time for a REFRESH, RESTART, RECHARGE and you can read more HERE


5 Easy Steps to WIN $$$ from Donors, Grantors and Sponsors will help you insert the right content on your website that wins your nonprofit organization MORE donations, grant awards and sponsors. There are 5 easy web pages to complete with recommendations of content to be included on each page. Funders have stated “we don’t have time to visit physical sites of nonprofit organizations, review their programs, meet with board members or talk with their clients. We have to vet an organization by reviewing their website and social media and then make a decision to either donate, award a grant or give a sponsorship.”  Pre-order your copy HERE.

Be sure to check out RESOURCES wherein I list nonprofit agencies that you can refer clients to for assistance, I list resources that are available such as the latest CAPS (Community Action Partnerships) program assisting Riverside County families with emergency assistance to help cover unmet household bills such as water, sewage, garbage, utility assistance, technology and special needs. Resources>>