Recognize your Donors on your Website

Recognize your Donors on your Website

It is so important to recognize Nonprofit Donors, Grantors/Funders, Sponsors and Volunteers on your website. I recommend a page just for them. Most donors like to see their name in print, with lights, and be thanked in public for their generosity. Be sure to gain permission first.

List all grant awards and the Grantor/Foundation name. Funders talk to each other and if they see each other’s name on the website, that lets them know that additional grants have been awarded from Foundations and that builds CONFIDENCE in supporting your agency and programs.

Business sponsors are looking for free advertising on your agency website, in return for their donations, so be sure to ask for their logo and company name. The more the better.

On the CONTRIBUTORS/SUPPORTERS tab (page on website), be sure to list the wonderful Volunteers that work for your nonprofit organization.  Volunteers are so important, especially if you have no staff or limited staff. Support is gained by showing that your agency has many volunteers who can carry out both the program and administrative work of the organization. Testimonies are a good touch here.

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