Nonprofit Organizational Consultant- providing consulting services to nonprofit agencies in board member development, fiscal management, program services, marketing, fund development and impact and reimbursement reporting.


Sharing ideas and content you can add to your nonprofit website and social media that will help WIN the confidence of potential Donors, Grantors and Sponsors and increase Funding.


Expertise in writing and winning grant awards from California CDBG grants (HUD); County Improvement Development grants (Riverside County), Community Services Funds (City grants) and private foundation grants. Working for nonprofit organizations residing in both Southwest Riverside County and San Diego.

Grant Reporting

Some private foundations and city, county and state require reports after the grant award has been expended. I assist clients in setting up policies and procedures required to report expenditures and show community impact.

Vetting a Nonprofit

Expertise in reviewing a charity website, reviewing financial statements and making recommendations to potential donors.

Fund Development

Experience and knowledge of donor software, communications, “ASK” letters, fundraising events.

Sponsor Proposals

Expertise in writing proposals that tell a nonprofit’s organization story and how the agency will market a business or corporate sponsor.